A Missing King

I Samuel 10:17-27

Rev. Bruce Brown

June 25, 2017

I.   God's Rebuke of Unbelief (verses 17-19)

II.  God's Revelation of a King (verses 20-24)

III. God's Requirements a Necessity (verses 25-27)

  “The main point of these verses is God’s continuing and relentless sovereignty. The people demanded a king, but they were not able to achieve independence from God.  It was the Lord who chose and revealed Saul… Likewise, Christians will find that no matter how we may strive to grab the reigns of our own lives, deciding for ourselves how we will think and live, God remains relentlessly sovereign and he apportions all our circumstances. Either in faith or in unbelief, we will have God as our Lord and he will exercise his sovereign rule.” 

Richard D. Phillips

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