The Best Bread in the World

John 6:41-59

October 1, 2017 Service

Rev. Bruce Brown, Pastor

            1.   The Bread of Life is Sent (verses 41-46)

            II.  The Bread of Life Saves (verses 47-51)

            III. The Bread of Life is a Sacrifice (verses 52-59)

 â€œNo one can eat and drink for us, and no one, in like manner, can believe for us. We need food every day, and not once a week or once a month--and, in like manner, we need to employ faith every day. We feel benefit when we have eaten and drunk, we feel strengthened, nourished, and refreshed; and, in like manner, if we believe truly, we shall feel the better for it, by sensible hope and peace in our inward man.”  J.C. Ryle

Prosperity Presbyterian Church -

5533 PPC Drive, Charlotte NC   


10:00 AM Worship Service - Come, Worship With Us.