Christ the Provider

Christ the Provider

John 6:1-15

Rev. Bruce Brown

I.   The Setup that Purposed His Plan (verses 1-6)

II.  The Lack that Proved His Power (verses 7-11)

III. The Instruction that Provided a Principle (verses 12-13)

IV. The Provision the People Missed (verses 14-15, 51)

 “Naturally in almost anything I offer to Christ, my reaction would be, “What is the good of that?”  The point is, the use he makes of it is none of my business; it is his business, it is his blessing.  So this grief, this loss, this suffering, this pain – whatever it is, which at the moment is God’s means of testing my faith and bringing me to the recognition of who he is – that is the thing I can offer.”  ~ Elisabeth Elliot

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