Jesus' Closing Arguments

Rev. Bruce Brown

John 10:30-42

November 11, 2018

      I. The Claim Jesus Makes (verses 30-31)          

II.    The Charge Jesus Refutes (verses 32-39)

III.  The Call We are to Embrace (verses 40-42)

“Do not give me a Christ whittled down to man’s measure.  Do not throw me a truncated Jesus.  I want the Christ of the Gospels – the One who is both man and God, who died but who also rose again in triumph, who came once but who is also coming again, who is love but who is also filled with wrath against sin.  In short, I want the true Jesus, preached by John and by all who are faithful…. God grant that it might be said of us after we have gone and men reflect on our testimony: “He did no miracle, but all that he said about Christ was true.” 

 ~ James Montgomery Boice