The LORD is With Him

I Samuel 16:14-23

February 18, 2018

Rev. Bruce Brown


                  I.   The Fall of Saul (verses 15-17)

                  II.  The Rise of David (verses 18-22)

                  III. God's Hand at Work (verses 13, 14, 23)

 “The description given of young David is a good agenda for the mentoring of any Christian...  The key to it all is David’s last accolade: “the LORD is with him” (1 Sam. 16:18).  Today, the Lord is with everyone who trusts in Jesus Christ, just as the Lord’s voice is heard in his Word and the Lord’s presence is felt in believing prayer.  The way for us to experience spiritual growth and to develop a gracious character is to be often with the Lord and through faith to know that the Lord is with us.” ~ Richard D. Phillips

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