Jesus On Investing

Rev. Bruce Brown

Luke 16:1-15

I.      Material Resources Require Creative Thought (verses 1-9)           

II.    Material Resources Provide an Index of Character (verses 10-12)

III.   Material Resources Raise the Possibility of Idolatry (verses 13-15)

“The parable… is deeply instructive. It may well raise within us great searchings of heart. The diligence of worldly men about the things of time — should put to shame the coldness of professing Christians about the things of eternity. The zeal and tenacity of men of business in compassing sea and land to get earthly treasures — may well reprove the slackness and indolence of believers about treasures in Heaven.  The words of our Lord are indeed weighty and solemn, “The children of this world are, in their generation, wiser than the children of light.”  May these words sink into our hearts and bear fruit in our lives!”

~ J.C. Ryle