Who Has Believed Our Message?

Pastor Bruce Brown

Isaiah 53:1-12

I.      The Cross is Shocking Because of Who is Suffering (Vss. 1-3)        

II.    The Cross is Shocking Because of Why He Suffers (Vss. 4-6, 10)

III.   The Cross is Shocking Because of How He Suffers (Vss. 7-9)

“Why did God bruise His Son and bring Him to grief? … It was not for His own sin that the Father bruised him. I was becuase he wanted to show us mercy. He wanted to forgive and heal and save and rejoice over us with loud singing. But he was righteous. That means His heart was filled with a love for the infinite worth of His own glory. And we were sinners, and that means that our hearts were filled with God-belittling affections. And so to save sinners and at the same time magnify the worth of His glory God lays our sin on Jesus and abandons Him to the shame and slaughter of the cross.” ~ John Piper