Surely Not I, Lord?

Rev. Bruce Brown

April 7, 2019

Matthew 26:17-30

I. Before the Cross the Disciples See Jesus’ Self Control (verses 17-19, 30)

II. Before the Cross the Disciples Hear of Their Own Treachery (verses 20-25)

III. Before the Cross the Disciples Taste of It’s Coming Blessings (verses 26-29)

“But God did not abandon his people.  Instead, he commissioned his prophets to promise a new covenant (Jer. 31:31; Ezek. 36) which Jesus inaugurated.  The new covenant still involved blood, but it was Jesus’ blood – not the blood of a lamb and not the blood of guilty men and women.  Jesus paid the debt we owed God.  We owed him our life blood and he gave his blood as a substitute for ours.  By this act he atoned for our sins, so that we have peace with God.”  ~ Daniel M. Doriani