When Jesus Pulls the Brake

Rev. Bruce Brown

John 11:1-16

July 7, 2019

I. The Desire of a Patient Savior (verses 1- 5)

II. The Delay of a Loving Lord (verses 5-7)

III. The Death that Leads to Life (verses 7-16)

“John 11 elevates our perspective.  It explains to Christ’s praying, devoted children that no matter how it may appear, these inexplicable delays are delays of love.  That is what our text says!  When we are being ravaged by the events of life, it is very difficult to believe that God really loves us.  But John 11 and many other Scriptures clearly claim that these delays are delays of love.  God is all-powerful.  He can do anything.  He knows all.  He even knows when a sparrow falls to the ground.  He knows our trouble, and he cares!”  ~  R. Kent Hughes