Confessing Glory

Rev. Bruce Brown

August 25, 2019

John 12:37-50

I. The Causes of Silence (verses 36b-43)

II. The Consequences of Rejecting Christ (verses 44-50)

III. Confessing Glory (verses 41, 43, 44-50)  

“A believing view of an unseen God, an unseen Christ, an unseen heaven, and an unseen judgment-day--this is the grand secret of overcoming the fear of man. The expulsive power of a new principle is required to heal the disease. "This is the victory that overcomes the world, even our faith." (1 John 5:4.) Let us pray for faith, if we would conquer that deadly enemy of souls, the fear of man and the love of man's praise. And if we have any faith, let us pray for more. Let our daily cry be, "Lord, increase our faith." We may easily have too much money, or too much worldly prosperity; but we can never have too much faith.” ~ J.C. Ryle