Humility: Life for God's Glory

 Mr. Tyler Spry

John 3:22-30

September 15, 2019

I.       Know Your True PROVIDER (verse 27)

II.     Know Your True POSITION (verse 28)

III.   Know Your True PLEASURE (verse 29)

IV.   Know Your True PURPOSE (verse 30)

As people this side of heaven, we are all plagued by the temptation of selfishness. Whether it is being jealous of our friend’s latest purchase or frustration that we aren’t getting the attention we think we deserve, we are often consumed with ourselves. John the Baptist’s disciples were no different. They thought that their teacher was getting the short end of the stick when Jesus began to draw a larger crowd than John. However, John’s example shows a life of humility that lives for God’s glory. This goes against every fiber in our sinful body. God’s way of doing things is so opposite of ours, we could even call it the Upside Down Kingdom. In God’s kingdom the way up is down, and we find true joy when we draw attention away from ourselves and towards God. God is calling us to flip the way we think about ourselves upside down and to join with John when he says, “He must become greater; I must become less.”