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A Glorious Home On the Horizon

May 19, 2019

Rev. Bruce Brown

Revelation 21:1-8

  1. What Is Glorious About It? (verses 3-4)

  2. Whose Home Is It Anyway? (verses 5-6)

  3. How Do We Take Our Place? (verses 6-8)

“How do we take our place in the new world of glory and bliss?... It is free to us sinners, but it was very costly to Jesus, and it is the most valuable of all gifts.  Who is thirsty for eternal life?  For total pardon of sin, fellowship with God now, and everlasting joy beyond the grave?  All you need to get on board is this thirst.  Indeed, this very thirst is a gift from God, to orient our souls homewards.  What a generous God He is!  He causes us to want the gift, and then provides the gift at His own expense.” Douglas Kelly