Adult Sunday School

The Adult Sunday School meets in Room #3 at 9:00 AM each Sunday.

Pastor Bruce Brown and Rev. Richard Altork are the teachers.

New Adult Sunday School Study

Adult Sunday School Class – The Adult Class that meets in Room #3 at 9:00 AM.  Pastor Bruce is teaching this class on Questions and Answers.

The Adult Sunday School Class Our question today was

“How do we apply Old Testament laws like “circumcision” today?”

Keep Pastor Bruce on the Hot Seat in the Adult Sunday School Class.

We meet in Room #3 at 9 AM and have Questions and Answers.

  Any questions that you would like to ask about the Bible, morality and the Church, Bruce will try to answer.

Send your questions to or bring them with you when you come to Sunday School.  

 Come to this Adult Sunday School Class at 9 AM. Everyone is invited.

Children's Sunday School meets in the Library and have Bible stories each week at 9:00 AM. 

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