A Prayer for the King

                                      Psalm 72

                                Rev. Bruce Brown

                                 January 15, 2017

I.    A Prayer for Lawful Administration

      (verses 1-4)

II.   A Prayer for Lasting Impact (5-7)

III.  A Prayer for Long Influence (verses 8-11)

IV.  A Prayer for Loving Concern (verses 12-14)

V.   A Prayer for Lavish Success (verses 15-17)


“David was a great king.  He ruled in Israel for forty years.  But at last David died, and the kingdom passed to his son, Solomon.  Solomon reigned another forty years, but he died.  So also with all the rulers of this world.  No matter how powerful, how just, how good, how beneficial their reigns over their subjects may have been or how loudly their subjects may have cried out, “O King, live forever!” in the end all these earthly rulers died and their kingdoms pass to others.  Not so with Jesus Christ!  He is an ever-living king and his kingdom an everlasting kingdom.”  

James Montgomery Boice 

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