Psalm 8

                                        Rev. Bruce Brown

                                         January 22, 2017

I.    A Celebration of God's Glory (verses 1-2, 9)

II.   A Confession of God's Care (verses 3-4)

III.  A Consideration of God's Purpose (verses 5-8)


“God does not wait until a sucking babe is rational and independent to ascribe to him the glory and majesty of verse 5—he doesn't have to be a NASA scientist. When the suckling opens his mouth, God is praised, strength is established by the sheer truth that a human creation in the image of the majestic God is here. Let all the adversaries of God take note and tremble. If they treat God's supreme creation with contempt, they will lose. They will be silenced.”   

~ John Piper

Dot SnyderComment