Lowly Love

Rev. Bruce Brown

John 13:1-17

September 1, 2019

I. The Compassion of the Servant (verses 1-13)

II. The Cleansing of the Servant (verses 4-11)

III. The Challenge of the Servant (verses 12-17)

“The fact that you are truly Christ’s is the fountain of innumerable pleasures and blessings to your heart.  Jesus calls us “His own” – His own sheep, His own disciples, His own friends, His own brethren, the members of His own body.  What a title for us to wear, “His own!”… This is how he distinguishes us from the rest of mankind and sets us apart for Himself.  “My name shall be named on them,” says He… surely, this is the highest honor that can be put upon us even in the last great day.” Charles Haddon Spurgeon