Loving Like Jesus

 Pastor Bruce Brown

John 13:31-38

September 22nd, 2019

I.      Jesus’ Love is Glorious (verses 31-32)

II.     Jesus’ Love is Gentle (verse 33)

IV.    Jesus’ Love is Our Goal (verse 34-35)

III.    Jesus’ Love is Gracious (verse 36-38)

“The command to ‘love’ is called a ‘new’ commandment, not because it had never been given before, but because it was to be more honored, to occupy a higher position, to be backed by a higher example that it ever had been before. Above all, it was to be the test for Christianity before the world. “By this shall men know that you are my disciples if you have love one to another.” … The very people who care nothing for doctrine, and know nothing of the Bible, can appreciate love. It arrests their attention, and makes them think. For the world’s sake, if for no other cause, let us follow after love more and more.” ~ J.C. Ryle